Douay Rheims Bibles for Sale


Rhemes New Testament First Edition 1582:  Actual Original Leaf

This is an actual original leaf from the first edition of the first English Language New Testament authorized by the Catholic Church.  It was published in Rheims, France by English Catholics forced into exile during the Elizabethan Penal Laws against Catholics.  The Rhemes New Testament would eventually become part of the Douay Rheims Version of the Bible when the Old Testament volumes were published later, in 1609-10.  This leaf contains the full text of II Corinthians Chapter 9, which contains the famous line, “God loveth a cheerful giver.”  Professionally mounted into a finely bound folder in leather and marbled paper (10 1/2 “ x 8”).  Size of leaf is 8” x 5 ½”.  Leaf is clean with no writing and slight foxing.  A treasured relic of the era of persecution against Catholics presented in an attractive format.  $125