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Earliest Catholic New Testament Published In Canada.  Quebec 1846

Le Nouveau Testament de Notre-Seigneur Jesus-Christ. Traduit en Francais avec le Commentaire Litteral. Publiee avec l'Approbation de Monseigneur L'Archeveque de Quebec, a Quebec, MDCCCXLVI [1846].

This is a unique translation, using the de Sacy as a basis, but with "such numerous changes that except for the first fifteen chapters of Matthew, it is virtually a new translation." It also follows the example of the de Carrièrs translation by adding words to the text in italics. In some cases these are used to support Catholic docrtine; e.g. in Matt. 1:25, after the closing phrase, "à qu il donna le nom de Jésus," (to whom he gave the name Jesus), the following phrase is added: et il ne la connut point depuis, en sorte qu'elle demeura toujours vierge (and he knew her not since, so she remained a virgin.) In other cases the additions are simply for clarification, e.g., in Luke 1:26 after the phrase "Or, au sixième mois ( Now in the sixth month), is added, depuis la conception de Jean-Baptiste (since the conception of John the Baptist). Work on the translation was begun by Father Jean-Jacques Lartigue (1777-1840) circa 1818 in response to Archbishop Plessis' desire to counter the expansion of Protestantism in the area. However, he abandoned the project. The work was taken up in 1842 by Father Charles-François Baillargeon (1798-1870), who later became Archbishop himself. Publication followed in 1846. The translation was successful enough to warrant a second edition in 1865 (D & M 3949). Original covers re-marbled and with new spine in richly grained morocco in six panels offset by raised bands and a gilt leather label. Preliminary blank has family history; torn with loss. Title and other preliminary leaves chipped around extremities. Browning and foxing to interior. Approbation dated 30 mars 1846 by Jos. [Signay], Archbishop of Quebec. collates complete: (8); A-4Z; (2); 742 pp.; Errata. Printed in double columns; Chapters divided by sub-headings. Commentary included in text in italics; extensive annotations in smaller type at bottom of pages. Vignettes. Darlow & Moule 3909.