Douay Rheims Bibles for Sale


Rhemes And Doway: Catholic Editions Of Scripture In English By Cotton, Henry; Published By Oxford, 1855; Fine Binding.

The rigorously compiled history of English language Catholic editions of the Bible from the first Rhemes (Rheims) and Doway (Douay) editions to the time of publication. Although published in 1855, it has never been surpassed in its comprehensiveness and detail, and continues to be used as a standard reference for librarians, antiquarian book dealers and collectors, going through many modern reprints. Offered here is not a reprint, but the original 1855 edition, finely bound in marbled boards with leather spine and corner pieces. Spine in six panels offset by raised bands and a red gilt leather label. Marbled endpapers. Title page in red and black with engraved vignette, lightly browned and spotted (see picture). Includes detailed bibliographic descriptions of editions and detailed tables of different textual renderings. 410 pp.