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Size of Collection:  Approximately 1900 editions of Scripture dated from the 16th through the 20th century

Linear Shelf Space:  90 feet folio/quarto; 130 feet octavo and lower

Nature of Collection:  English language Catholic translations of the entire Bible, New Testament, and portions of Scripture, mostly in the Douay Version, but all other Catholic translations (e. g. Nary, Witham, Geddes, Kenrick, Lingard, Westminster, Spencer, Knox, and Confraternity) are represented.  The collection is especially strong in early American editions and on the Haydock series of Bibles.  Many of the editions in the collection are scarce and not recorded in any bibliographical source and are the only known copies.

A partial list includes the following original editions (not modern reprints)

Rhemes New Testaments: editions of 1582 (see picture), 1600, 1621 (with signature of Father Cuthbert Haydock) & 1633 (2 variants)

Doway Old Testaments: editions of 1609-10 & 1635

Fulke's Confutation (all five editions): 1589, 1601 (both variants),1617, 1633& 1834

Cartwright's Confutation: 1618

Caryll Psalter: 1700 (2 variants)

Fisher Penitential Psalms:  1714

Nary NT:  editions of 1718 & 1719 (2 variants) & OT Paraphrase 1720

Witham NT: both 1730 variants including the recently-discovered true second edition

Challoner New Testaments:  editions of 1749, 1750, 1752 (2 variants), 1764 & 1777 (2 variants)

Challoner Old Testaments:  4 vol. editions of 1750 & 1763-4

Walmesley Apocalypse:  editions of 1771 and 1807 (first American)

Reeve's Bible Paraphrase: First British edition (1780) & First American edition (1784)

Challoner folio New Testaments:  editions of 1738, 1788 & 1789

Mathew Carey Bibles:  editions of 1790 (with full leather case; see picture) & 1805  

Mathew Carey New Testaments: edition of 1805: 3 variants including one with rare subscriber list

First Challoner-MacMahon Bible:  1791

Geddes-Robertson New Testaments:  editions of 1792 & 1812 (aka Newcastle NT)

Geddes Partial Old Testament: 3 vols: 1792-97

First folio Doway Bible: 1794

Five-volume Douay Bible sets: editions of 1796-7; 1804-5; & 1811

MacMahon New Testament:  1810 (2 variants)

Haydock folio Douay Bibles:  editions of 1811, 1812 (both variants), 1813 & 1823

Oswald Syers Douay Bible: 1813

MacNamara Douay Bibles:  editions of 1816& 1818

Beegan's Rhemes New Testament: 1816

Georgetown Rheims NT: 1817

Noteless Rheims NT:  1820 First edition Parliament Street (2 variants) and 30 reprints through 1961

Haydock's Octavo Douay Bible: ("fornication Bible") 1822-1824: 3 variant sets

First Stereotyped American Douay Bible: 1824 (4 variants) and 19 reprints through 1868.

First American folio Douay Bible: 1825

Power's Q&A New Testament: 1827  

First Devereaux Rheims NT: 1829 and 12 reprints through 1885

Haydock folio Rheims New Testaments:  1831 (2 variants)

Lingard Gospels: editions of 1836 & 1851

First Provincial Council Edition Douay Bible:  1837

English Hexapla: 1841 dated edition in large paper & undated edition

First quarto Haydock Douay Bible: 1845-8

Kenrick Bible: 6 vols: 1849-1860 & 1862 separate New Testament

Hewitt & Spooner Illustrated Rheims NT:  1850 (2 variants)

Haydock later Douay quarto: Multiple variants including Kennedy Inaugural variant: ca. 1853 & Montomery Ward edition ca. 1884

First Dunigan Douay quarto: 1852-54

P. O'Shea's Rheims New Testament:  1864(?) editions with and without the "repent ye" rendering in Matt. 3:2

Westminster NT: all first edition fascicles: 1913-1935

Spencer NT:  First edition (1937) with dust jacket and 6 reprints through 1951

Confraternity New Testament: 1941 numbered copy 667 of first 700

Knox NT:  1944 with dust jacket; multiple reprints of NT & complete Bible including one copy signed by  translator. 

Although many editions are similar, there are no duplicates. Each edition in the collection is distinct in some way, as to date, publisher, or distinctive bibliographic point.

The collection includes approximately 225 large quarto 19th century Family Bibles with a wide range of decorative designs and extra-textual material (with a few remaining unbound including their original number covers), offering unique opportunities for studies of early American decorative, publishing, promotion, and binding practices.

ALSO NOTE: At least 200 editions in the collection are not recorded in standard bibliographical sources and are the only known copies. This is the most extraordinarily complete collection ever likely to be assembled!

CONDITION:  The bulk of the collection (approx. 1,700 editions), including all those mentioned above, are in good or better antiquarian condition.  Approximately 200 are in need of restoration.  The quarto Bibles in that category are stored in custom made and labeled cases (see picture).  

IN ADDITION: Included with the collection is a substantial Bible bibliographical library with original editions (not modern reprints) of the following rare reference works:

Ames, Joseph:  Typographical Antiquities 3 vols. (1785-90)

Christie's Auctions: The Estelle Doheny Collection:  5 vols. plus index (1987-1989)

Copinger, Walter Arthur: The Bible and Its Transmission (1897: #9 0f 220 copies)

Cotton, Henry: A List of Editions of the Bible and Parts Thereof (1821& 1852 editions); Rhemes and Doway (1855)

Darlow, T. H., and Moule, H. F.: Historical Catalogue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture  (4 vols.; 1903-1911: inscribed by authors)

[Ducarel, A. C.]:  A List of Various Editions of the Bible and Parts thereof in English from 1526-1776, (1778).

Finotti, Joseph M.: Bibliographia Catholica Americana (1872)

Fry, Francis: The Bible by Coverdale MDXXXV (1867)

Gillow, Joseph: A Literary and Biographical History (5 vols.: 1895-1902)

Herbert, A. S.: Historical Catalogue of Printed Bibles (1968)

Hills, Margaret T.: The English Bible in America (1961 & 1962 editions)

Johnson, Anthony: An Historical Account of the Several English Translations (1730)

Lewis, John: A Complete History of the Several Translations of the Holy Bible (1739 & 1818 editions)

[National Union Catalog]: The Bible Texts and Translations of the Bible and the Apocrypha and Their Books from the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints, 5 folio vols., (1980)

O'Callaghan, E. B.: A List of Editions of the Holy Scriptures (1861)

Pollard, A. W. & Redgrave, G. R.:  Short Title Catalogue (1926)

Pope, Hugh, English Versions of the Bible, (1953).

Rumball-Petre, Edwin: America's First Bibles (1940)

Stevens, Henry: The Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition (1878)

Wilson, Lea: Bibles Testaments Psalms and other Books of the Holy Scriptures (1845)

Wikgren, Allen P.: A Leaf from the First Edition of the First Complete Bible in English, The Coverdale Bible, 1535 (1974: Leaf from Luke, Chapts. 6-8)

Wright, John: Early Bibles of America,1893.